OpDemand helps software teams build more, use less and stay sharp with Deis, the open source application platform based on Docker, Chef and Heroku.

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Build More

Supercharge your team with a private PaaS that deploys applications as fast your developers write code.

Use Less

Stay Sharp

Retain Control

Deploy Deis for your team with help from OpDemand. Includes installation assistance, starter sessions and discounted professional services.

Commercial support from OpDemand engineers. Includes web, email and phone support, a dedicated support engineer and ongoing upgrade assistance.

Enterprise-class support from the experts at OpDemand. Includes 24x7x365 coverage, guaranteed 4-hour response and priority bug fixes.

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Community Chatter

"OpDemand provides great support. Whenever there is a problem, even if the problem was caused by us, they are always quick to respond and help us figure out a solution."
– Jim Zimmerman, Thuzi

"Deis allows us to transparently deploy our apps to our own servers when we need to, and is almost a drop-in replacement for Heroku. It has the potential to become another great piece of software we can rely on for every project."
– Sam Breed, Quick Left

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"I enjoyed working with OpDemand to install Deis and get my applications deployed. Deis allows us to integrate the Chef we already have into a PaaS that we control."
– Stephane Bellity, Hull.io

"I'm really happy with the thought and design of Deis. It's so pluggable that it can work on any infrastructure I want. Hacking on Deis has also been a breeze, thanks to OpDemand's design choices."
– Matthew Fisher, ActiveState

Recent Tweets

@nikolay: Just discovered @OpenDeis last night - it's an amazing new #DevOps project, based on @Docker, @OpsCode #Chef, and @Heroku #Buildpacks.

@technosophos: Deis (DAY-is) looks really impressive. I'm liking this new breed of lightweight PaaS solutions.

@angryamoeba: Deis looks to hit a sweet spot for private platform-as-service